Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friends of The Three District Merge

Welcome to the Friends of the Three District Merge Blog ! The purpose of this blog is three fold.

First, we want to be sure to provide accurate data to those who wish to know more about the proposed merge of the Herkimer, Ilion and Mohawk (H.I.M.) School Districts. Too often the data that is tossed around is either incorrect or out and out false. Our primary goal is to get information to the public about the merge that is factual and helps them understand the dynamics of joining the three districts as one.

Second, we are an advocacy group. We admit that up front. We have examined the data, many of us for almost a year and a half, and we feel strongly that merging the three districts together will offer our children, and future generations, the best educational opportunities. Our present situation is unacceptable, and the future without a merge looks even more bleak. So we do support merging the H.I.M districts into one for the benefit of our current and future students.

Third, we want to build a sense of community among the districts. Our differences are far less than our similarities. But we believe the strength of a new district lies in those differences. Each community has unique strengths that they can bring to the new merged district that will make ALL of us better students, better faculty and better communities.

So join us and visit often as we move toward the September 12th vote ! We will be happy to answer ANY questions you have as we make this journey and will do our best to provide accurate and timely information that can help you as you consider this important step in our children's and our communities' futures.

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