Friday, May 18, 2012

Potential Courses Offered In The New District

While no one can guarantee that specific courses will be offered each semester after the three districts merge, a look at the current courses offered in each of the three districts suggests a LARGE number of new classroom opportunities that might be available for students that never were before in their home districts.

For example, here is a sample of courses that students currently in school in Mohawk might have access to that they didn't before. These are currently offered in either Ilion or Herkimer but not in Mohawk.

  • Mohawk: English Honors Programs; College Now English Program; Creative Writing; Global Studies Honors Program; College Now American History; Psychology; Civil War Studies; AP World History; Sociology; Extended Algebra Series; Geometry Honors; Trigonometry; College Now Calculus; Statistics; Science Honors Program; Environmental Science; Astronomy; Anatomy and Physiology; AP Biology; Geology; French; Chinese Language; Music Theory College Now; Orchestra; Beginning and Advanced Guitar; Piano Keyboard; Art History; Photography; Advanced Art; Commercial Art; Computer Apps; Desktop Publishing and Web Design; Parenting; Clothing and Fashion; Housing and Interior Design; Architectural Drafting; Principles of Engineering; Robotics; Women’s Health; Hawaiian Studies Course

For students from Herkimer, there are also a lot of new classroom opportunities with the newly formed district. Based on courses offered by the programs in Ilion and Mohawk, these are some of the new offerings high schoolers from Herkimer would be able to now consider taking !

  • Herkimer: English Honors Programs (10 and 11); AP English; Global Studies II Honors Program; College Now American History; Military History; Extended Algebra Series; Geometry Honors; Intermediate and Honors Trigonometry; AP Calculus; Chemistry Honors Program; Physics Honors Program; AP Biology; Music Theory College Now; Hawaiian Studies Course; Geology; French; Chinese Language; Orchestra; Photography; Advanced Art program; Desktop Publishing and Web Design; Electricity; Material Processing; Robotics; 

Current Ilion students would also have some new course offering that otherwise they would never have access to! Classes that are presently available in either Herkimer or Mohawk that now could be available in the new district to former Ilion students would include:

  • Ilion: Journalism; Creative Writing; Rock and Roll Studies; College Now Psychology; Military History; AP World History; Sociology; The Holocaust; Astronomy; College Now Trigonometry; French Language Series; Beginning and Advanced Guitar; Drawing; Painting; Ceramics; Sculpture; Art History; Business Communications; Accounting; Clothing and Fashion Design II; Electricity; Material Processing; Computer Aided Design; Principles of Engineering; Production Systems; Women’s Health

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but a sample of types of new courses that students from the current districts could have available to them in when the three join together ! These represent an increase in the quality and value of the educational opportunities that all of our children will have after the merge.

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