Thursday, May 24, 2012

QUESTION: Do I Have To Vote AGAIN For the Merger to Take Place?

I cast a vote in the straw vote for the four-district merger in January.  Do I need to vote again for this three-district merger?

Answer:  Yes!  Your previous vote does not carry over for THIS merger vote.  The straw vote for the three-district merger will take place on Wednesday, September 12.  The purpose of this non-binding vote is to see if there is enough support, or not, for the idea of a merge between our districts.  If each of the three communities vote in favor of the merger, the final binding referendum will be held on Thursday, October 18.  
Remember that you must vote again in the final referendum in order for your vote to count!  The vote you cast in the straw vote in September does NOT count again in the final vote. 

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