Saturday, May 19, 2012

QUESTION: Will Ilion Elementary Kids Have to Go to Mohawk?

Recently a question came up about whether Ilion Elementary school kids would be forced to go to Fisher Elementary in Mohawk as part of the merge of the three districts?  The answer is NO.

The question hinges on the idea that with the closing of Remington Elementary as part of the Merge Plan that Barringer Road wouldn't have enough space to accommodate grades K through 4.

Several things need to be pointed out.

  • The projected enrollments are VERY conservative, which is to say that they represent a high estimate of the number of kids, and a low estimate of the amount of space. This was done purposefully for just such a situation. So while it might be close in numbers for putting all K through 4 in Barringer, it is not impossible. 
  • Our district population IS declining in numbers. Cornell University projects a decline in our population through the year 2030. So space should, over the long run, become more available at all the schools, including our elementary schools.
  • The Ilion School District is looking at changing and restructuring their district elementary schools REGARDLESS of the merge. One of those options appears to include closing Remington. So the planned merger is actually only doing something that already is likely to be occurring on some level in the not-so-distant future.
  • No district lines for elementary school are being changed in the proposed plan. Some PARENTS, however, may choose, if they live in close proximity to one of the other elementary school boundaries, to have their child attend one of the other schools. So for example, parents with children in elementary school in Ilion, that live close Mohawk may ask that their child attend Fisher Elementary School. The CHOICE is up to the PARENTS !
Hopefully this answers a question posed to the Friends of the Merge. If you have a question you'd like answered, please send us an email at

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